A bit of history about Tom and Babette

Abit of history.

We are Tom & Babette. Tom’s grandad bought the farm in 1918 and Tom was born on an adjacent farm rented from the Osmaston Estate. Tom has always had a keen interest in conservation and tree planting. We have some ancient woods on the farm and Tom added to them and wildlife thrives. Bird numbers have increased over the years. Skylarks are a special delight.

We are very interested in local and family history. Guests staying here are often in search of their Derbyshire roots and we are always delighted to assist with local knowledge.

We have now retired from farming and our tenant is a dedicated bee keeper. One of his hives stands in the orchard and the bees help pollenate our fruit trees.

Most of the farmland falls away from the house to the south with far reaching views. 53 degree north runs along the edge of the lawn!
We deeply care about our landscape and are committed to lessening our carbon foot print. We buy local, use seasonal produce and grow veg and fruit. We recycle and upcycle and our bedrooms are furnished with pre-loved pieces.